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New Member from the UK

Hello, I'm Steve from the UK.

I am in the process of buying a CS1 Spider, which is aiming to change into an  Abarth Replica.

The car I'm buying is RHD, converted to 1994 by DTR in the UK. I have loved these cars since I was young, watching them on the RAC Rally in the 70's.

My hobby with cars has been rallying from 1976 to 1992, then restoring a lot of different cars ever since.

MGA's, MGA Coupe, Several early 911's, Lotus Elan's, a nice Cobra 289 Replica, a BMW NK 2 liter, Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Replica, and currently an Alfa Giulia Ti Super Replica.

With the addition of this Fiat 124 Spider, you can see that over the last ten years. I have fallen in love with Italian cars!


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